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We help SaaS companies put their blog on autopilot with our done-for-you content marketing service. We'll be your own content marketing team, without the price tag.

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Your blog can be an amazing lever for growth, but...

You don't have time to find new topic ideas every week

Finding content ideas that are relevant to your business and customers takes time.

Our experience working on content for a wide variety of businesses has led to us developing a finely tuned process that will uncover highly relevant content ideas that will get you noticed by your target audience.

Hiring freelance writers can be a roll of the dice

If you've tried hiring content writers on freelance marketplaces or job boards, you know how hard it can be to find that person who can write to the level you need (and who won't charge you $1,000 per post).

If you try to hire someone who doesn't charge much, you'll end up spending half of your day editing content before publishing.

If you work with us, we'll ensure that the that the person writing your content has proven experience in your industry. You'll get engaging and authoritative content that will resonate with your ideal customer.

No fluffy content, and no need to restart your hiring process every few weeks.

Instead, use Contentbulb

We help SaaS businesses grow with a done-for-you content marketing service.

Our process is simple:

  • We learn about your brand, your values, and your ideal customer
  • We hand pick relevant blog post ideas from our keyword research process
  • You approve the blog post ideas, and we start writing
  • We deliver the finished articles to you, and you hit "Publish"
  • Sit back, relax, and watch the traffic roll in

What you get with Contentbulb

A SEO-driven content calendar that fits your brand

We'll identify relevant and interesting content ideas that will drive qualified traffic to your website.

We'll work with you to define the direction you want to take, and we'll send all of the ideas to you for approval before we start any work.

We're also happy to write articles based on research you've already done.

Grow your traffic with SEO-driven content marketing
Work with great content writers

Experienced writers and editorial team

Your blog is a representation of your brand and you deserve the best.

We work with experienced freelance writers, familiar with your industry, so you'll never receive posts that aren't interesting, engaging, and packed with value.

All blog posts are reviewed by our editorial team before we send them to you.

If you're looking for cheap, fluffy content, you're in the wrong place.

A done-for-you process that doesn't cost you hours of management every week

If you've ever tried blogging, you know how time-consuming it is.

Founders, CEOs, and Marketing Managers shouldn't be spending their time writing blog posts. We handle everything for you, from start to finish, from research to writing.

Our clients save 5-8 hours of research, writing, and editing, for every single blog post that we create for them.

All you need to do is hit Publish.

A fully done-for-you content marketing service

We're a good fit for you if...

✅ You want to publish high-quality blog posts on a regular schedule

✅ You don't have time to hire and manage multiple freelance writers

✅ You want to grow your traffic by showing up for relevant terms in Google

✅ You don't want to spend $5,000 - $10,000 with a traditional marketing agency

✅ Your company is already growing - you aren't pursuing content marketing because you need a quick win

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of content can we create?

We'll write engaging SEO-friendly blog posts, how-to guides, technical articles, thought pieces, and any other long form content that you need.

If you're unsure if we're a good fit for your needs, just get in touch. We'll be honest about if we're a good fit or not.

When will I receive blog posts?

You'll usually receive deliverables 3-5 days after they have been approved. When we start working on content we'll provide clear and realistic timelines so you'll know exactly what to expect.

Who writes the articles?

We work with writers who are subject matter experts to ensure every article is up to the standards you and your customers expect from your content.

How do you deliver blog posts?

All posts are delivered in a Google Drive folder containing the document and images. They'll be formatted and ready to publish. Alternatively, we can upload articles directly to your CMS and even hit Publish for you.

How does your keyword research process work?

We'll find out important information about your ideal customer from you with a survey and onboarding call. Then, our team will get to work. We'll pick articles that will help you get found by your ideal customers, and start writing.

Why should I use Contentbulb when a blog posts costs  $20 on Upwork?

Great content comes at a price. If you're happy with the quality that $20 gets you, we're probably not for you. Our writers are subject matter experts, and our SEO-team ensure all posts match the search intent, and are equally as engaging. You also get to tap into the best practices and insights we've learned from working with clients all over the world.

How does payment work?

Payment occurs at the start of each month for the upcoming month of content work. All payments are processed securely using Stripe. We also offer a 14-day money back guarantee, and you can cancel whenever you want.

How is word count calculated?

Every month you'll have a set amount of content assigned to you, based on the pricing plan you choose. As we work through your content we'll track how many words you have left. If you're at the limit but a blog post only needs a few more words before it's done, don't worry - we'll finish it.

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