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Hi, I'm Georges - I run Contentbulb.

I've worked with a variety of SaaS companies, both bootstrapped and VC-backed.

Whatever your company does, chances are, there's an opportunity to create content that helps your customers stay informed and do their jobs more effectively.

Over time, content is an amazing lever for growth as it delivers compounding returns the more you publish.

But, it's hard work.

Today, you can't publish a basic 500 word article and expect to rank for anything remotely competitive.

You need content that fully answers the search intent for a topic. If you want your content to drive visitors to your product, you'll also have to show how your product can help in a non-salesy, helpful way.

So, I started Contentbulb.

Our goal is to help SaaS companies create content that helps you stand out.

We'll create content that's SEO-friendly, engaging, and designed to be genuinely useful to your audience.

We work with a network of amazing freelance writers, and every post goes through our rigorous review process to ensure your SaaS is featured in relevant, useful ways.

Our goal is to create content that you don't need to spend hours editing, and are proud to publish.

We're not like most agencies. We don't cost $10k per month, and we're not going to outsource your content to another agency that charges less. You'll get direct access to our team and we're always available to offer advice, answer your questions, and help you get results.

About Contentbulb
Georges Petrequin, Founder @ Contentbulb

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