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After working in-house on content marketing, and consulting for brands in a variety of industries, a few things became clear to me.

Content marketing is an amazing lever for growth

But, it only works if you do it well. Your content needs to bring people to your site, via Google (or through being shared across social media).

The benefits of content compound in the long run as your articles rank higher in Google, and more people see them. A steady flow of qualified visitors to your website can be pushed to your product or service through your articles, or through call-to-actions on your blog.

Your marketing team doesn't have time to write blog content

Building effective internal systems for content takes time. We all want to have 3 articles per week ready to publish, but the reality is, your team doesn't have time for that.

Your Marketing Manager has a whole backlog of tasks and ideas to get to, and writing content for 5 hours a day is going to mean none of those other tasks get done.

Hiring freelance writers can be a game of chance

Don't get me wrong - there are lots of amazing freelance writers out there. We work with some of them.

But finding the right freelance writers for your business is hard. The good ones are often fully booked up, or hard to find unless you're referred to them.

You'll end up sending test articles to 10 different writers, none of whom are specialized in your niche. Your content won't meet your quality standards and you'll give up trying to find someone.

It's hard to manage content internally without hiring new team members

Your team has enough projects on the table already. You can't expect them to add a whole new marketing channel without seeing results from others drop off.

The only real way to scale your content marketing operation is to:

1) Hire at least one new team member and pay freelance writers per article
2) Work with an expensive ($6,000-$10,000/month) boutique agency

That's where the inspiration for Contentbulb came from. We've built the systems to help you scale your growth using content marketing, without having to spend an arm and a leg on it.

About Contentbulb
Georges Petrequin, Founder @ Contentbulb

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