Our Mission

After working in-house and freelancing for companies in a variety of industries, a few things became clear to our team.

1. Companies struggle to create content at a rate that enables them to grow. Teams without a background in content marketing can't easily create content that ranks and struggle to identify keywords that their customers use to find products or services like theirs.

Hiring freelance writers is hard. The good ones are fully booked up, or hard to find unless you're referred to them. Others are forced to charge rates far lower than usual in order to compete on freelance platforms like Upwork.

3. Writers deserve to be paid fairly. The current content marketplace is a race to the bottom, and good writers aren't able to charge rates as low as a content mill does.

4. Paid acquisition works, but if you turn off the ads, the traffic stops. Content marketing enables brands to build an organic traffic generating machine. Over time, results compound, and results will continue to improve.

5. Marketing takes time. Once you have great content, you can re-purpose your articles into videos, newsletters, social media posts, and much more to keep your audience engaged with your brand.

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